Make your special day perfect and easier on your wallet

Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Kathy Cushman with Utah DIY Wedding is on the show today to tell us a few tips and tricks on how to make that special day most ladies (and men) spend their entire lives dreaming of pure perfection.

They spend thousands of dollars to achieve what they feel is pure perfection. They have everything that they wanted, and they feel like that Disney prince (or princess) and in a couple of hours, it all has ended.

After the celebration has ended, they have all these beautiful decorations they’ve either bought and need to store away or they were renting them. They’ve also paid thousands of dollars and while their nuptials were beautiful and everything went the way they wanted, they had other options.

At Utah DIY Wedding, you can rent the complete wedding décor for $495. Kathy offers Utah’s Largest Décor collection including over 35 backdrops, and 1300 items in a 3,000 Sq Ft Warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah. Kathy herself has completed over 1300 weddings.

If you’re recently engaged and trying to plan your wedding, head on out to the Original Bridal show and have a talk with her or explore and get other inspiration for what you’d like your wedding to be like.

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Make sure you visit Kathy on her website, give her a call @ (801) 753-8093 and follow her on social media for more information: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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