Meet iota, the New Body Care Brand Dedicated To Raising Skin Health Awareness

Have you ever gone to the dermatologist for a complete body regime to address your concerns? Well, iota, the first body care line focused on the skin microbiome from the neck down to benefit comprehensive health, has you covered launches with its two hero products: the Supervitamin Body Wash+ and the Superplant Body Serum+.

Founded by husband and wife Ray Kim and Monique Meneses, the duo knows that the skin is the largest living body organ. iota addresses its wealth and health, starting with your skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the key to overall skin health: it’s not only our first line of defense against skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, but it also helps with the wear and tear functions of the body. It’s also essential for glow, smoothness, strength, elasticity and hydration. Recent studies have linked poor skin health with broader risks like inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease and allergies.

With over two years in the making, iota’s Supervitamin Body Wash+ comes in three fragrance options with different benefits. The Soothing fragrance-free body wash focuses on skin texture, repair, irritation and inflammation. Brightening, Mandarin Rind + Cedar Atlas body is infused with niacinamide and vitamin C and focuses on glow and hydration. Detoxifying, Lemongrass + Eucalyptus Leaf is designed to even skin tone and repair the skin barrier. Completing the body care lineup is the Superplant Body Serum+, which works in tandem with all of the specific formulas in the body washes.

iota’s Supervitamin Body Wash+ retails for $23 USD and the Superplant Body Serum+ retails for $39 USD and can be purchased via the brand’s website.