Model Iskra Lawrence Launches Body Care Brand Saltair

Model, influencer and entrepreneur Iskra Lawrence has launched a new body care brand, Saltair.
The skincare-inspired body care brand is designed for daily movement, awakening the skin and senses by way of exotic botanicals and skin-loving, advanced ingredients.
Saltair is launching with Serum Body Cleansers followed by Moisturizing Body Lotions inspired by and infused with exotic, beach-inspired ingredients meant to celebrate all skin tones, all body types, and all genders. As the brand motto states: “every body is welcome here.”
“With skin care benefits and beautiful evocative fragrances our products are affordable luxury with inclusion at the core. Finally, every body is welcome and we cannot wait for you to upgrade your daily body care experience,” said Lawrence.

Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Packaging

Saltair utilizes efficacious skin care ingredients and natural botanicals and has eliminated questionable materials, preservatives and common skin irritants. Additionally, a focus on sustainability is top of mind.
Saltair’s ingredients and packaging materials are designed to decrease environmental impact, as highlighted by the 100% recycled aluminum bottles packaging found in both the Serum Body Cleansers and Moisturizing Body Lotions and in the packaging properties of product launches to follow.