My Winter Fashion Trend Predictions

As the winter season quickly approaches, we’re beginning to see people sport the upcoming season’s fashion choices. 

Temperatures are swiftly starting to drop, and people are starting to shift wardrobe choices entirely as it begins to feel more like winter. There are several fashion trends that I feel will carry over from last winter, with some new trends I’ve seen begin this fall that will likely become winter staples for many. 

Puffer Jackets 

The first trend that I believe we’ll be seeing a lot this winter is puffer jackets. These have been popular items since last winter, and I have already seen them begin to resurface as the temperature has shifted. These jackets have already been staples in urban communities in the northeast especially, so seeing them become trends all over has been interesting. 

UGG Boots 

Another trend that’s being carried over from previous years is UGGs. The Mini Uggs were immensely popular on Tik Tok last year, which prompted many people to get their hands on them and sport them during the fall and winter seasons. As one of America’s favorite boots it seems, I’m beginning to see them make a reappearance. 

Leg Warmers 

Leg warmers have crept up in the past few months in people’s looks for the last couple of seasons, spring and summer included, so it’s no surprise that they’ll likely be making their way into winter looks. Another trend that I think we’ll see as this is the perfect season for layering, is the addition of chunky scarves to an outfit. 

Leather Jackets 

Leather jackets have been famously popular since around the 90s, and while I know we’ll be seeing this trend a lot this season, there’s been a more edgy twist on the classic trend that’s begun to appear this year that I feel will be popular amongst people. These are motorcycle jackets, aka moto jackets. While already an American classic, the uptick in the number of times I’ve seen them in Instagram posts within the past year, coupled with the fact that they would be great in cooler weather, leads me to believe this piece will be a winter essential. 

Cargo Pants 

Finally, this piece will come as no surprise to most, but the cargo pant has been a staple for the past few years now in virtually any season. But seeing as they’re such sturdy pants, I’ve seen them paired with virtually any combination of clothing you can think of already for the season- long sleeve shirts, jackets, crewnecks. You simply can’t go wrong with cargo pants.  


Denim has also always been a popular piece regardless of the weather so I’m excited to see which denim trends are particularly popular this season, but I can predict the recent trend of a baggier, more vintage denim will reign supreme this winter, and I’ve even begun to see and partake in the trend of sporting “cargo denim,” an interesting mix of two of the styles in one. 

Winter is always a fun time for fashion, as people bring out heavy-duty materials, layering, and unique pieces. As a few of these trends I’ve already seen, I’m excited to see how these trends play out this season.  

While trends come and go, I’m also looking forward to seeing what “sticks,” in the years to come. I’m also excited to delve into several of these trends myself.