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Prints are the trendiest fashion trend of the season. Some prints break all fashion industry records and remain popular year-round, while others are seasonal and may change in favour depending on public taste. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that prints are in high demand, with print-on-print being one of the most well-liked fashion trends. No matter if you choose flowers or glitz and glam, prints are for everyone. However, some people may find prints to be intimidating. It might be challenging to determine what looks good with what and what is subtly fashionable versus loud and extravagant. (Also read: Men’s fashion: 5 printed shirts men can vouch for this wedding season )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Nidhi Yadav, Fashion Expert and Co-Founder of Aks Clothings, shared some important tips and tricks to style printed outfits.

1. Prints on neutrals

Pairing prints with neutral clothes is another easy method to flaunt the recurrent trend. A neutral basic outfit is a must-have item for your closet, like beige skirts, brown jeans, black tees, and so on. Therefore, pairing your print top or pants with an outfit of neutral colours is simple, even for beginners. You can don a floral shirt with a black skirt.

2. Combine prints using the same base colour

Pairing prints with the same base colour is another sophisticated and fashionable way to wear prints. For instance, a skirt in the same colour as the top’s print pattern can be worn with it.

3. Blazers on prints

Blazers are also indispensable wardrobe basics. You can elevate your look with fitted or oversized blazers. Moreover, you can style a floral print dress with a blazer for an outing with friends or family.

4. Mix prints of varying sizes

Matching prints of different sizes is another way to perk up your style quotient. For instance, you can pair a large polka-print dress or top with a small polka-dot skirt or shoe. Also, make sure to pay attention to the colours as well. Additionally, you can combine floral and pattern prints while carefully varying the print size.

5. Cardigan and prints

If you love to layer your outfit, this look is for you. To transform your print dress from a casual to a formal outfit, you can also style the print with a jumper or cardigan. So you can look stylish and keep off the cold around you.

6. Match prints in black and white hues

The colour scheme of black and white is exquisite. Wearing a vertically striped top with a horizontally striped bottom is an easy method to achieve this look. You may easily pull this style off for your casual outings. The core idea is to pair colours rather than prints.

7. Wear print in accessories

You add a touch of elegance to your outfit with print shoes, belts, scarves or bags. Print accessories can be suitable to dress up with any outfit, like animal print shoes or bags. Animal prints are a timeless trend, so it is a wardrobe staple.

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