Soho Skin Is Designed for Discerning Travelers, by Discerning Travelers

The hotel-amenities game has changed drastically over the past few years—from an introduction of pillow concierges and contactless check-ins, to hyper-​curated bath products instead of stock body lotions and abrasive bar soaps. Soho House was hip to this shift more than two decades ago. Its Cowshed brand of in-house spa indulgences has offered members at the club’s 32 international locations natural, elevated hair- and body-care options since it launched in 1998. But there is little in-room recourse for a forgotten bottle of prebiotic face wash or a TSA-​confiscated vitamin C– and niacinamide-​spiked moisturizer, even for Soho House guests. 

Feedback cards from sample kits placed in Soho House rooms globally helped tweak the 11-piece, results-oriented line. Photo: Courtesy of Soho Skin

“Our members told us they wanted high-performing skin care to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles,” says Aalish Yorke-Long, the managing director of Soho House Retail, which just began rolling out Soho Skin, a new 11-piece line of science-backed skin care that was designed for discerning travelers, by discerning travelers. Feedback cards from 118,000 sample kits were placed in Soho House rooms globally to help Yorke-Long and her team understand what their jet-setting clientele is looking for: products that are quick and easy to use, have visible results, and can be used alone or in tandem. That wish list was shared with a U.K.-based cosmetic chemist to help create formulas including the standout 24/7 Treatment, which infuses a base of the line’s microbiome-nourishing concentrate with lactic and hyaluronic acids for fresh, hydrated skin no matter what time you land (or what time you get in). And there’s good news for those of us seeking similar results without a membership card: Come September, the entire cell-energizing collection will be available at sohoskin​.com for public consumption.