The Most Popular Hairstyles In 2022 For Black Women

2022 hair moments gave glamour galore, with this era allowing Black girls to tap into simplicity. There’s no better feeling than walking out of the salon; this year represented the time for new beginnings and styles. So what are the most trending hairstyles this year? There have been various hairstyles this year that Black women have gone viral for being stylish, sensible, comfortable, and chic.

Below, stylists weigh in on the most trendy hairstyles in 2022.

No matter what the occasion, whether it’s a vacation, a wedding, a birthday, or just because the trend of knotless braids has become extremely popular due to the versatility and low maintenance the hairstyle provides. 

“Small Knotless are flat and lightweight,” said Malinda Reed, Chicago braider. “The knotless method makes the braids easy to manipulate and offers many different styling options on the same day. A bun, ponytail, half up, half down, you name it! You can have it all with this style.”

With this new hair trend taking over TikTok, the flip-over quick weaves and sew-ins have worked well for the girls on the go who want a less time-consuming style but still gives that sleek fresh-out-the-salon look. 

“In 2022, the natural sew-ins have come back in style. Even though people love lace, the natural styles are back,” said entrepreneur Sedera Arthur. “You can do a ponytail, and you can [also] flip it to the left or right.”

Yes, you read it correctly, roller sets have made a remarkable comeback with haircare because it gets the job done for those with natural hair who don’t want to worry about putting a tremendous amount of heat on their hair.

“Tension rollers, in particular, break down the natural curls [and] it stretches it out for me, adds shine to the hair, adds volume to the hair, and it’s less direct heat on the hair,” said Eden Bogale, natural hair specialist in Atlanta. “The health of the hair does better with the roller set than what you’ll get with a blow dryer.”

Who doesn’t love a sleek and protective ponytail? Whether a frontal ponytail or the classic silky ponytail, it creates a protective style that nourishes the hair and keeps it low maintenance. 

“It looks simple, but when you put it together [and] depending on what you get, whether it’s a braided, wavy, big, or long ponytail and how you shape their face, their beauty comes out,” Bogale said. “People love that simplicity, and it lasts long too.”

The wave of tape-ins grew tremendously in 2022. It allowed the everyday girl to have that natural extension without the process of a sew-in or wig. It allows women to do everyday things with their hair, such as washing, styling, etc. 

“People didn’t know the versatility of tape-ins,” said Aida Techilo, Owner of Studio Techilo in Atlanta. “On the market now, we’re able to see that tape-ins are lightweight, have no tension, and you can match your extensions with it. We get the flexibility that everybody else gets, and we’re able to enhance our natural length.”

The stitch braid trend became very popular during the summer because it added a new flair to the traditional cornrow style of braids. Because now, with this style, you can get creative and make the style unique. 

“It’s such a quick and sleek hairstyle for someone on the go or just needing something low-maintenance for vacation,” Reed said. “You can just get up and go with this hairstyle, and the curls in the bun add a more feminine flare that highlights the side profile.”

According to Curl Centric hair expert Kira Byrd, the shag and wolf cut have become extremely popular this year for the natural hair community. 

“They both follow similar designs, softer fringes, choppy layers, and a structure that’s intended to give the hair as much volume as possible,” Byrd said. “It seems that 2022 has seen many clients finally embrace their curls, and they are getting cuts that accentuate the natural beauty of their hair rather than hiding it.”

About Kenyatta: Kenyatta Victoria is an entertainment and culture reporter passionate about music, pop culture, and marginalized stories. She has bylines in publications such as Chicago Reader, INSIDER, Girls United, TransLash Media, and the Chicago Tribune.

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