The Top 2023 Wedding Trends, According to Pinterest

For couples getting ready to say “I do,” Pinterest continues to be a go-to wedding planning resource. Whether future newlyweds are looking for invitation inspiration or place setting ideas, they continue to flock to the online moodboard for ideas that will help them conceptualize their vision. Since couples often use Pinterest to plan future events, the image-sharing platform has a good idea of what trends are going to be popular. Every year, Pinterest releases a list of the trends they expect will take off the following year, and after months and months of gathering and analyzing users’ common searches, the website forecasts what to expect from weddings in 2023. The overarching theme? Color.

As part of their trend forecasting, Pinterest found that colorful wedding details will be huge in 2023. The wedding color palettes that they think will be everywhere in 2023? Based on their data, those attending ceremonies and receptions next year should expect to be treated to plenty of terracotta, copper, rust, and burnt orange tones. As for where you can expect to see the colors used, Pinterest says these hues will pop up everywhere from floral arrangement to the wedding party’s attire.

After evaluating information based on rising searches from millennials and Generation X, the site has seen a 695-percent increase in “burnt orange wedding themes,” a 230-percent increase in “terracotta bridesmaid dresses,” a 150-percent increase in “orange wedding centerpieces,” and a 285-increase in “copper saree,” according to a press release. But if you still love the classic white-and-green color palette or were looking forward to embracing Millennial pink in all parts of your big day, don’t feel like you need to change course: At the end of the day, your wedding should be about what you love, not what’s popular in the moment.

The revelry won’t be limited just to weddings next year. Another big celebratory trend to watch for in 2023 is extravagant parties to honor couples’ wedding anniversary. Next year, Pinterest expects that baby boomers and Gen X will plan huge soirées to commemorate major relationship milestones. According to the social media platform’s research, searches for “golden anniversary party” have a 370-percent increase, “50th anniversary cookies decorated” have a 135-percent increase, and “silver jubilee cake 25th anniversary” have a 245-percent increase, the press release states.

To gather its trend report, Pinterest assesses what its 400 million and counting users are searching by looking at the increase in interest around certain search terms. The platform measures it either by percentage increase or how many times people are searching the term. According to the press release, Pinterest’s trend forecast is correct 80 percent of the time, thanks to its comprehensive methodology and thorough analysis. 

In 2022, Pinterest predicted that black details, pearl accents, forest venues, Bridgerton-inspired themes, and sustainable practices, among other trends, were going to take over the world of weddings. And, unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what we saw from the celebrations that took place over the course of the last 12 months.