Top Autumn Wedding Decor Ideas With Trending Colours & Seasonal Elements

Last Updated on 23 November 2022

Autumn colours are a sign that summer is finally over. And these beautiful colours are perfect for decorating a wedding. Whether it’s table decorations with pumpkins or pine cones, a bridal chrysanthemum bouquet with berries and foliage, or shades of red and purple that run through the entire wedding venue – the possibilities are endless. For all those who want to celebrate at this time of year, here are some stunning autumn wedding ideas.

Embrace Autumnal Foliage

When we think of autumn or fall, we mostly imagine foliage. For a truly memorable wedding, you will need to embrace it. Besides, the combination of the bride’s white dress and the bright colours of the foliage make for a great contrast in the wedding photos.

Orange chrysanthemum flowers can brighten up any autumn wedding

Vibrant Floral Arrangements

The bride’s bouquet and floral decorations can also be in autumn colours. If you want, you can integrate berries or even colourful foliage here. A classic bridal bouquet is a bit difficult in the fall, as not all flowers are available this time of the year. However, if you are getting married in early autumn, you can choose sunflowers, for example, dahlias or chrysanthemums fit very well into this wedding concept.

Autumn-themed Wedding Centrepieces

Wooden or linen table decorations go very well with the boho style as well as with an autumn wedding. If you want to create a beautiful and cosy atmosphere, pick fairy lights. They are a great way to provide very nice and warm light at the same time.

Of course, you can also plan a Halloween wedding at the end of October. For such an occasion, however, ghosts, spiders, and other symbols of this holiday, probably will not fit. Keep the decoration in the colours black and gold – they look glamorous and mysterious at the same time.

Bohemian wedding table decor

Autumn Wedding Colour Palette

Cool temperatures, bleak landscapes, stylish decorations, and cosy candlelight – the autumn and winter season is the time of romance and nostalgia. A cool season wedding provides an opportunity for a chic and sophisticated wedding colour palette.

Warm colours such as red, orange, yellow, and/or green are best for an autumn wedding. They can be used in different shades of colour on table decorations, flowers, or clothes and radiate cosiness. Copper and gold can be used as metallic accent colours. It is best to orient yourself to the colours of nature and the wedding decoration you would like to use.

Berry Accents

Berry tones in combination with gold as a colour palette, perfectly match the autumn wedding. Dark red dahlias, roses, berries, and eucalyptus can provide noble accents to the beautiful bridal bouquet. Another eye-catcher can be a cake with berries. If you can get fresh berries in the desert then do it. Table decoration also will benefit from them.

Even thou we live in a time when berries are available almost year-round, for some reason during the winter months they are especially pleasant to look at.

Berries and pumpkins are great additions

Reception Chair Décor

To decorate chairs in a festive way, small bouquets of flowers or foliage are a beautiful idea – preferably matching the rest of the wedding’s floral decor. Hydrangeas can be attached to the left or right side of the back of the chair in small tube vases with elegant fabric ribbons. The bride and groom’s chairs can be additionally decorated with lettering in gold. The same can be done with the guest chairs but this will increase the budget.

Serve Apple Cider

The menu for your wedding will, of course, depend on the catering available at your location or nearby. Nevertheless, for example, as an appetizer, an autumnal pumpkin cream soup fits great and warms up the guests a little in low temperatures. As a drink, consider getting an apple cider that is traditionally associated with autumn.

The wedding cake can also be decorated with autumnal decorations or you set small accents with apples, nuts, dark flowers, or berries.

Apples and Pumpkins

Pumpkins belong to autumn as strawberries belong to summer, so they can’t be missing from your autumn wedding. You can colour small decorative pumpkins with gold-coloured spray paint and integrate them into your table decorations. Larger pumpkins can be placed on the side, along the path to the altar.

It is harder to decorate the place with apples, as they are smaller, but they are the perfect choice for brightening up the tables. They can be cut into beautiful designs if you think that plain apples are a bit too simple.


·         What Kind of Decorations are Needed for a Wedding?

The decorations for your wedding will, of course, depend on the conditions at your venue. However, a rustic barn is very suitable for an autumnal wedding, as it fits very well with the cosy style. In a barn, you can often also do a lot of decorating yourself for your wedding reception and have plenty of scope and beautiful options.

The decorations for the wedding can be red, orange, and yellow according to the autumn colours. You can also pick up beautiful earth tones and incorporate natural decorative elements, such as leaves, chestnuts, berries, nuts, or pumpkins. Also, pine cones! You can place them on the tables.

·         What is a Good Budget for Wedding Decorations?

There is really no price ceiling for wedding decorations. On average people spend around $2500-$3000.

·         How Should I Decorate My Wedding?

This largely depends on your theme. If we are talking about autumn weddings, focus on appropriate colours and use the ideas we described above.

·         What Every Wedding Should Have?

Everyone will have a different answer to this question. But here are the things that a universally considered essential:

  • Wedding dress;
  • Rings;
  • Bridal bouquet;
  • Wedding cake.

Basically, everything else is up to you.

·         How Do You Fill Up Space at a Wedding?

Ideally, you will find a venue where you will not have a space that is not used. In case you need to fill some same out, go all out with flowers. If it is a themed wedding, you can use theme-appropriate decorations. Do not forget to leave some space for dancing, when it inevitably starts.