Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding


When planning your wedding, your first step is to find the venue. The Barn at Spring Lake makes that first step easy to obtain.

After your venue and date are secured, it’s time to start thinking about the specifics of food and decor. What kind of food will you serve? What are your table toppers? Are you going to have an open bar?

Before you know it, you’re spending thousands of dollars on your wedding. We’re here to provide some unique ideas to cut costs and get creative for your Big Day.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Decorations get expensive very quickly. After your big day, you’re stuck with piles of decor you have no use for. Renting decorations can save you money, and you don’t have to worry about storing them or selling them yourself after using them.

Seating Charts

Get creative with your seating chart! Find an old picture frame or mirror in your home or pick one up from the thrift store. Buy some vinyl decals from Etsy with your seating chart and stick them on the glass. It’s a cheap, unique way to show your guests where they are sitting.

You don’t have to use this technique on just your seating chart. Use it throughout your wedding! For anything that needs a sign, use a mirror or frame instead as a budget-friendly alternative. If you have a wedding hashtag, place the vinyl on a mirror to create a perfect photo op for your guests to take a mirror selfie.

Repurpose Household Items

Find some items you have stored in your attic or basement that can be repurposed throughout your wedding. Do you have an old, discolored ladder? Spray paint it a color that matches your wedding theme and put items like flowers, foliage, and lights on it for a decor piece. Did you find some antique wooden milk crates? Stack them up and fill in the holes with floral arrangements and other themed decors.

Thrift Place Settings

If you want an inexpensive but unique way to serve your food, thrift store items like plates, silverware, and drinkware are the way to go. You have to be ready to put in the time to search for the amount you need, but that effort can pay off and create an exceptional look for your wedding.

The Barn at Spring Lake

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