Why This New Saint Jane Body Lotion Is Perfect for Your Dry Skin

Why This New Saint Jane Body Lotion Is Perfect for Your Dry Skin

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There’s a reason we say “stop and smell the roses” when someone needs a reminder to be present and appreciative in life. Flowers aren’t just eye candy. They have a way of evoking a sense of calm, serenity, and presence — feelings that Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane Beauty, wanted to replicate for skincare lovers when they slathered their skin in the new Hydrabloom Body Silk. The brand’s newest launch is its first body lotion and second in the body category, just after the Luxury Body Serum, a cult-favorite and O-ward beauty winner.

Saint Jane is known for harnessing the power of active florals to nourish and heal the skin. Now, as it expands into body care, its ethos remains the same with an addition of a proprietary mineral-rich sea flower complex in its recent launch. “I’m so inspired by flowers,” says Georgeson in a Zoom interview to discuss the newness. “They are so feminine. They’ll slow you down in life to take a pause and make you appreciate the beauty of nature. And they make a difference in the skin.”

Photo credit: Casey Georgeson

Photo credit: Casey Georgeson

The sea flower complex, which features a blend of sea flora and algae, is packed with vitamins and minerals. “It’s like having a green juice in the morning,” says Georgeson. The inspiration for the launch’s hero ingredient came after the Saint Jane founder learned about the positive impacts of the ocean on the mind, which sparked her curiosity about its potential for the skin. “We moved two years ago to Manhattan Beach, California, and I was really inspired by how healing the ocean felt,” she says. “I started to look at research [that shows that] you live longer when you live by the sea. I went down this insane rabbit hole researching nutrients and flowers found in the sea.” Based on her learnings, she put together a medley of mineral-rich flowers and algae that not only provide your skin with nutrients, but also have firming and toning benefits.

In addition to oceanic flowers, the formula incorporates other skin-benefitting ingredients, like wild chamomile, jasmine, and hibiscus, which help stimulate collagen and elastin production to boost the skin firming effects. The addition of hyaluronic acid also hydrates and plumps the skin.

After receiving the lotion to test, I can attest the formula doesn’t disappoint. When I first applied it to my arms, I was impressed by how easy the creamy texture spread across my skin. I also love that the consistency is light and breathable but leaves me moisturized without feeling greasy or sticky. Another pro is the soft and sweet floral scent that isn’t overpowering. After using the lotion for a couple of weeks, I admittedly can’t speak much to the firming and toning benefits; perhaps that will come over time. I will say that every time I use it after showering, my skin feels nourished and soft to the touch, which is enough to keep me coming back for more.

“I wanted this to be silky [and] I wanted it to deliver long-wear hydration. I [also] wanted it to leave your skin feeling soft as a flower petal,” says Georgeson. You can use Hydrabloom on all skin types and ages, she adds, explaining that she uses it on her kids all the time. “When you put on the lotion, it’s drenching your skin in all of these vitamins, antioxidants, and good-for-you ingredients,” she says.

The Hydrabloom Body Silk is now available at saintjanebeauty.com.

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