15 Crystals For Manifesting + How To Use Them, From Experts

It’s important to mention here that simply adding a crystal to your collection isn’t going to magically make your wishes come true. And as Leavy tells mbg, she actually finds the modern interest in crystals and manifesting slightly problematic.

“A lot of nuance is lost when it comes to talking about manifestation, and it’s become this very surface level conversation about getting stuff or having your life like look or be or feel a certain way,” she tells mbg, adding that true manifestation involves realizing that wanting something or asking for something alone can’t necessarily create it—and neither can just working with a crystal.

“The way that we’re best able to manifest things in our lives is working in communities lifting each other up,” she notes.

But in terms of using crystals to help aid in your manifestations, she says, think of it as a supportive, complementary practice to help keep you in alignment with your vision. “It’s about supporting us to be more in alignment with our vision for ourselves and our vision for our lives,” she explains.

And some of the best ways to do that, according to her, include making a crystal grid in a communal space, whether in your home, office, or elsewhere.

Wearing your crystal as jewelry, especially somewhere you’ll see it frequently such as with rings or bracelets, can also serve as a helpful reminder to keep you on track. “If you can’t find that crystal and jewelry, even just carrying a piece in your pocket as like a touchstone can be a really good reminder as well,” she adds.

You can also simply pair the appropriate crystal with other manifestation techniques, such as vision boarding, journaling, or visualization meditations.

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