70 Best haircuts for women to try in 2022

As they say, change is as good as a holiday, and a new hairstyle is the best way to mix things up. While there is nothing wrong with a solid rotation of straight, curls, top knots, and ponytails, a styled cut can drastically improve your hair game. It can be hard to keep track of all the hair trends, and deciding what cut to get can be daunting. So to help you up your mane game, we have rounded up the most popular hairstyles and haircuts for women.


Best haircuts for women that are trending:

1. Short Wavy Bob


The bob haircut is one of the most significant hairstyle trends of late. It is the perfect combination of edgy yet pretty with just the right amount of masculinity to make it on-trend. If you’re tired of the classic bob, try mixing things up with this wavy style. Bobs and waves are a match made in hair heaven. Nothing says cool-girl chic like a touselled just rolled out of bed crop. However, if you’re still looking to turn things up, try rocking this blunt-cut front fringe. It is edgy and unique without being too out there. And did we mention that it is also a super-flattering style?

2. Blunt


Cut if you suffer from thin hair syndrome, you’ll know the struggle of wanting a cute pixie cut and leaving the salon looking like a baby-haired Draco Malfoy. Well, those dreaded days are over. A blunt cut is perfect for women with thin hair but haircuts for women short over 60 can still be a rock style. Not only are blunt cuts a great way to frame your face and accentuate your features, but they are also universally flattering, and very on-trend. If you haven’t noticed, the masculine trend is on the rise, and short haircuts for women hair are the perfect way to dive headfirst into the manly mania. If you want to keep a femme element, try adding a few waves throughout your hair, or rock a pair of extravagant earrings or a feminine, flowy dress.

3. Low Bun


Even with the chicest cut, there will still be some days when you can’t resist the messy bun. It is the bad boy of hairstyles, we know we shouldn’t do it, but its allure is just too strong. With haircuts for women over 50 may find yourself struggling to achieve the messy high bun. If so, go for the low option. This may not be something you have thought of, but a low messy bun achieves the same level of simple styling as a high topknot while making your locks appear thicker too. Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it into a bun the same way you would if the hair was on top of your head. If you have bangs, allow them to fall freely across your face, or pull a few strands out around your face and behind your ears to create a soft, elegant style.

4. Short and Straight


Who says you need long locks to rock the iconic Rachel Green look? Haircuts for women over 60, straight hair with a mid-part is one of the all-time greats. And it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Mix up the classic 90s style with a blunt bob and a platinum blonde. This cut is striking, flattering, and just screams attitude. Channel your inner punk rock princess with deep purple or red lipstick and heavy eye makeup.

5. Pixie Cut 


Short haircuts for women can be very daunting for women with thick hair. When it goes wrong, it goes very very wrong (we’ve all had those awkward bowl-looking haircuts for women over 50). But the key to nailing short haircut styles with thick hair is layers and texture. Avoid blunt cuts as this style will add bulk to your hair. Instead go for a layered, textured pixie cut. The layers will take some of the weight out of your luscious locks allowing them to sit and flow with ease.

6. Twists


A few sexy twists are a great way to breathe life into your cropped hairstyle. Not only is this a unique look, but it will also protect your locks too. The twists require zero additional stylings and will let your hair repair itself from damage sustained from heat, coloring, and just the general wears and tears of life.

7. Bangs


Bangs are back, and short haircuts for women are here to stay, so why not combine two of the biggest hair trends from recent years? Simple and easy to style, bangs also require very little maintenance, other than the occasional trim. Bangs in short hair work particularly well as they frame your face, drawing attention to your features. This can also be a slimming style if you find your short haircuts for women are making you look a little fuller on the face. From side to front, choppy to blunt, curtain or sweeping, there are endless styling opportunities when it comes to bangs.

8. Short haircuts for women


Thin hair from bobs to faux hawks, pixie cuts, undercuts, asymmetric styles, and everything in between, short cuts were made for thin hair. That’s when they’re styled right of course. Short haircuts for women are one of the best ways to not only create the illusion of thickness but also, to allow your hair to thicken up naturally. With regular trims and less styling, your hair will become healthier. Therefore, it will begin to grow much faster and thicken up on its own over time.

9. Short Thick Hair


You may be hesitant to partake in the short haircuts for women over 50 trends if you are blessed with naturally thick hair. But, short styles look like magic in a thick mane. Making the chop can also be a great way to take some weight out of your locks for the summer months. Ladies with thick hair can rock anything from short pixie cuts to bobs, with choppy layers, front fridges, or side sweeping bangs. The key to short, thick hair is texture. So make sure to add a few layers to keep your hair light and sitting nicely.

10. Short Curly Hair


If you find long haircut curls are weighing you down then why not make the chop? Not only will short haircuts for women style make your curls more manageable, but this flirty new hairstyle for a female is ideal for summer. From pin-curled pixie cuts and bouncy bobs, the styling opportunities for short curly hair are truly versatile.

11. 90s Middle Part Ponytail


Channel the celebrity go-to new hairstyle for females with this sleek middle-part ponytail. This style is perfect for babes with in-between-length hair. This is because medium hair is the easiest to pull back, and it sits nicer and more effortlessly in a ponytail than in a heavy long haircut. Pull your hair into a pony in the middle of your head at the back, and don’t forget to leave two thick strands out at the front. Rock it with some quirky shades or get out your glitter and go for some 90s makeup.

12. Professional Hairstyles


Your hair says a lot about you and your professionalism. The super long haircut is typically shared by young girls and hippies, while short haircuts for women over 60 can give off a rebellious or older impression. If you’re trying to play it safe in the professional sector, it’s best to stick to medium hair length.

13. Lob With a Knot


The top knot and the lob are made for each other. The lob is the biggest thing in hair since Princess Diana’s pageboy cut, and the top knot is the only style to rival this cool girl cut. So it only makes sense that the two should be paired together in holey-hair matrimony. The addition of a top knot will also add some extra volume if your hair is lacking in the body department.

14. Asymmetrical Lob


If you’re after an edgy cut but don’t want to go too short, an asymmetrical lob might be right up your alley. This A-line style is particularly flattering and not as sharp as some other asymmetric styles. Meaning, that it is easier to grow out and can still be worn in a pony if you have hair regrets. But, we don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about with this uber cool and on-trend style.

15. Deep Side Part


A deep side part is a great way to give the classic lob a trendy new take. While the lob itself is still very much a hit style, you can update your look by simply styling your hair into a deep side part and flicking one side over. This sleek and sophisticated style works equally as well for casual days as it does for formal outings.

16. Vintage Curls


Long hair has a reputation for being sexy, but don’t discount the sex appeal of medium-length locks. Marilyn Monroe certainly proved that with her bouncy mid-length curls. Style your locks using a thick curling wand, keeping the stands flat as you wrap them around the curler. Brush your hair out to create voluminous waves and style to one side.

17. Lob


We cannot forget the iconic lob. The lob has soared in popularity because of its laid-back and easy nature. It requires almost zero styling yet offers endless styling opportunities. It is trendy yet timeless, mature yet youthful, and can still be easily pulled back for lazy days.

18. French Braids


Get your long locks off your face with a pair of beautiful French Braids. This fierce look is certainly having its moment in the sun. So why not take advantage of a style that looks chic and lets you get stuff done. Rock your braids from the gym to the club, the shops and even to sleep, the French braid is versatile, stylish, and easy, once you’ve mastered it.

19. Updo


Don’t shy away from updos just because of your long-flowing mane. An up style is well worth the extra time and effort. Set your hair with hot rollers so that curls hold firmly in place, pull them, and pin them back as you like. From low-rolled buns to curled-up styles you can have the prom new hairstyle for a female of dreams, no matter how long the haircut.

20. Half Up Half Down


If an updo isn’t your vibe, you can always rock a half up half down hairstyle. The top knot or half bun is the obvious choice for many reasons. One is that it looks cute and two, it’s an easy style for long-haired women. This style can be worn dressy or casual and is also a great way to make it an extra day between washes.

21. Straight Long Hair


Sometimes you just have to keep it simple, and there is nothing chicer than smooth straight locks. To achieve this divine look, firstly you’ll want to apply a hair mask to tame any split ends or flyaways. Dry your hair thoroughly and in sections using a flat brush. Straighten your locks in sections while combing them through at the same time. Run a small amount of anti-frizz through your mid-lengths and ends and set using a small amount of hairspray, to add a slight sheen.

22. Senegalese Twists


Senegalese twists are a great option if you’re on the hunt for a protective style that is still fun and flirty for summer. These rope-like twists work well with long haircut extensions, for a trendy look.

23. Waterfall Braids


Waterfall braids are not only one of the most stunning styles in long haircut, but they’re also one of the easiest to achieve. This feminine look is perfect to adorn with pretty clips and headwear for spring or to try out for summer weddings. It is also a sneaky way to style your hair when you’re in between washes.

24. Box Braids


Braids and a long haircut are the perfect pair. They keep your long strands out of your face while protecting them from heat and styling damage all while looking chic. But if you’re tired of the standard french braids, why not go for a cool box braid instead?

25. Undercut


An undercut is a great way to edge up your look without losing too much length. You can undercut your hair at the back or the sides, but we recommend one side. This badass yet feminine look features hair that is shaved at one side with the remaining length flicked over in the opposite direction.

26. Fishtail Braids


Another update on a standard braid, the fishtail braid is stunning and surprisingly easy. First, separate your hair into two even sections. Take a small piece, about half an inch wide from the outside part, and pull it over to meet the inside of the opposing section. Repeat this process on the other side and continue to complete your fishtail braid.

27. Inverted Bob


Just because you have long locks doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun of the inverted bob. This is a super sexy style that works just as well in short haircuts for women as it does in a long haircut. The short part at the back of your head will add volume and natural movement while the long front section will provide more styling opportunities. Tousled Lob Haircut- If you want that glamorous edge that a crop can give but with the flexibility of longer locks, then a lob haircut is a perfect choice.

28. Curtain Bangs and Shag Haircut


A fringe is a thing to puzzle over. In 2022 bangs are on-trend, so a shag with curtain bangs can be one of the best haircuts for women over 50 to try asap. Don’t want to regret it? Try clip-in bangs and then make the final decision.

29. Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs


This is one of the most fascinating new hairstyles for a female of any age. The face-framing bangs make your cheekbones appear more prominent and elongate your face. The shoulder-length layered loose waves contribute to the statement look.

30. Textured Haircut


Another great way to take advantage of short haircuts for women bob haircuts for women over 60 without high maintenance is to try a textured look. The quickest way to style a trendy bob is to make it a bit messy and tousled.

31. Lob with Face-Framing Bangs


A voluminous lob is one of the trendiest haircuts for women, and it looks so charming with a long haircut and face-framing bangs. If you have dark brown hair, just add some subtle highlights to create a lively, romantic look.

32. Center-Parted Medium Hair


Such classy new hairstyles for female look adorable on most ladies! The haircut parted in the middle with the sides framing your face is drawing attention to your lovely facial features. Shift the parting to any side of your face if you have a round face.

33. Short Auburn Bob with Layers


If you go for a layered bob, make sure it is styled to show off your dynamic cut. The way haircuts for women over 50 short haircuts have been brushed back and set creates a cool version of feathered hair.

34. Medium Layered Hairstyle with Bangs


Today most stylists agree that age doesn’t imply any restrictions on new hairstyles for female choices. You can pick any hairstyle that flatters your face, hair type, and personality. However, as a rule, moderately voluminous haircuts for women short and medium hairstyles haircuts for women over 60 look better than sleek ones. This layered style with soft highlights is a beautiful example.

35. Long Brunette Shag with Subtle Highlights


If your hair is long enough (past your shoulder), you should consider getting this fascinating haircut with long side bangs. Such trendy haircut styles for women are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance. Layers add extra volume to your hair. You can part it the way that suits your face shape.

36. Razored Brunette Comb Over Bob


If you’re a proud wearer of long haircut thick hair, there may come the time when you feel like chopping at least a half of it for the greater good. Hop on the 2022 hair trends train and give yourself a makeover with a deep side-parted lob. A razored lob is easy to style at home, especially for those who’s got slightly wavy hair. Looking drop-dead gorgeous will be easy with this haircut.

37. Wispy Bangs for Medium Hair


If you want a haircut that would give you a different look without making any major changes to your hair length, go for wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are among the cutest 2022 hair trends. And it seems that they will never go out of style.

38. Soft Shoulder-Length Shag


A stunning female haircut that will steal attention anytime and anywhere! The layered fringes are swept backward for an intriguing effect. Try some juicy color for a fresh and stylish look.

39. Collarbone Razored Feathered Bob


Medium-long bobs were hands down created for girls that live for effortless chic. With this new hairstyle for females, you can enjoy your morning coffee and easily style the cut to look amazing all day. Garnish the look with curtain bangs to soften the features.

40. Layers and Highlights


Not yet ready for a full-blown new color and haircut? Then go for some soft, highlighted layers and get a subtle yet eye-catching and fashion-forward hairstyle!

41. Two-Tier Inverted Bob


A refreshingly chic and sassy hairstyle for women that is everywhere this season! This glitzy new hairstyles for a female is short haircuts for women in the back, with elongated front pieces tapered at the ends. One of the most trending hairstyles of 2022.

42. Fun Medium Messy Shag


Get the best out of your wavy hair with a proper cut. When looking through trendy haircut styles for women, you see many inspiring slightly frizzy, tousled looks. Well, this shag makes an example of the best 2022 haircuts for women over 60.

43. Medium Haircut with Shaggy Layers


The gorgeous rich brown mane needs a haircut to match the seductive color. Natural-looking layers will keep it light and voluminous. Use a curling iron to create large waves for a glam hairstyle that will last for a few days at least.

44. Shoulder-Length Shag for Thick Hair


If you’re after a sophisticated, trouble-free hairstyle, then try this wavy shag. It’s one of the long-term new hairstyles for a female that are both elegant and fun!

45. Messy Shag with Balayage


Mixing caramel and vanilla highlights make for great balayage hairstyles. Don a shag with some messy waves and curtain bangs for a sassy vibe. Get this modern hairdo that matches well with different fashion choices!

46. Textured Cut for Thick Hair


Tired of the boring medium length? The best way to add some volume with no effort is by highlighting your hair. Varying light and dark shades to add dimension to your locks are one of the hottest hair trends these days!

47. Stunning Messy Lob with Money Pieces


The bleached waves of this messy lob look natural and carefree. Wispy layers and sliced ends add nonchalance to female hairstyles as if the coastal wind has ruffled the hair. This haircut is suitable for any style of clothing, so you’ll be looking magical in any situation!

48. Shag with Piece-y Bangs


Keen on experimenting? A shag with piece-y bangs is currently one of the most popular haircut styles for women. Pearl blonde highlights will make you look unforgettable, while the comfortable length and variety of styling ideas will extend the scope of your imagination!

49. Gorgeous Side-Parted Shaggy Bob


Messy bobs are the new hairstyles for female this year. They provide a flattering shape and sufficient length when it comes to ombre or balayage hair ideas.

50. Long Bob with Choppy Ends


No matter which faces shape you have, try a long haircut bob with choppy ends and style it the way that suits you best. Caramel highlights and face-framing waves create a cute look, and you will certainly hear a lot of compliments.

51. Beachy Waves with Ombre


Certain haircuts for women over 50 and hair colors are universal for any season and setting. If you want new hairstyles for a female that looks effortless and never goes out of style, choose tousled blonde curls. Opt for a subtle ombre to complete your carefree, woke-up-like-this look!

52. Lob Hairstyle with Warm Highlights


Modern haircuts for women often include warm highlights. Wondering whether they would flatter you? Yes, especially if you’ve got some tan. A lob cut would frame your face nicely, and some caramel blonde highlights instantly make you ready for any event!

53. Teased Edgy Bob


As a modern woman, you don’t have to focus on neutral colors and straight lines! A bob with root lift and shaggy layers should complement you well, and it’ll be a perfect addition to your suit or romantic dress.

54. Bed-Head Blunt Bob


If you’ve got no time for prim-and-proper hair but want it to be on fleek at all times, you should go for this low-maintenance female haircut. The choppy, straight-out-of-bed hair cut with blunt ends is all shades of glitz and glamor.

55. Below-the-Shoulders Textured Haircut


One of the haircuts for women over 50 to fit any style. Got more hair ideas? You can also opt to texture it a bit and add some golden highlights to elevate your overall glow.

56. Straight Blunt Haircut with Long Curtain Bangs


Such minimalist haircuts for women turn out to be the classiest. Go sleek and straight. This blunt cut reflects light nicely and feels smooth to the touch. It’s also one of the best haircuts for women to try if you want to grow your bangs out!

57. Choppy Ash Blonde Lob


Searching for low-maintenance cute haircuts within the current hair trends? The uneven long bob is here! Show your cool side with a smokey or lighter shade of blonde to match.

58. Straight Layered Lob


Haircuts for women may vary, but a straightened lob with face-framing layers would be perfect everywhere from a brunch to a business trip downtown. It doesn’t take a long haircut to style a haircut like this, so you won’t ever be running late!

59. The French Bob


Haircuts for women are short and sophisticated haircut that gives you the edge. Haircuts for women with bangs are becoming a big trend this year.

60. Medium-Length Beach Waves


To volumize your hair, cut your locks in layers and make beach waves. The flipped-up ends of the layers help to create a rich, voluminous mane. This center-parted shag is an amazing haircuts for women who want to look gorgeous at all times.

61. The Classic Blonde Haircut


When looking for 2022’s haircuts for women usually expect to see something provocative, but very often a simple longer haircut with a traditional feminine side parting is the best idea. Don’t forget about shadow roots.

62. Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs


Cheeky bangs won’t hurt, especially paired with a new hairstyle for females for a balanced look. If your hair is on the thinner side, go for a deep feathery fringe and soft layers for your bob. To add even more to the bouncy volume, curl your locks using a curling iron, and don’t separate the strands. Unless you feel like doing so, then gently brush through using your fingers only.

63. Medium Bob with Long Parted Bangs


If you’re in search of a beautiful casual look, try a blunt neck-length bob with slightly curled under ends and long bangs! All you need is a round brush, hairdryer, and 20 minutes in the morning to look trendy and elegant.

64. Pixie Bob


Short haircuts for women are a strong trend this year, but if you still need a longer length on top, a pixie bob is for you. It is a golden means between trendy bobs and sexy pixies.

65. Two-Tone Messy Bob


A great haircut idea for medium-length hair. Use a side parting and disheveled texture. Long haircut bangs are also the thing that it-girls ask for in 2022.

66. Chest-Length Wavy Haircut 


Long hair is often seen as straight and sleek, but textured haircuts for women with a full fringe could give your length a new fresh vibe.

67. Straight Collarbone Bob


If you’re tired of wearing an extremely long haircut, we recommend a straight collarbone bob. It’s among trending hairstyles that can refresh your look and bring your hair back to life.

68. Short Curly Salt and Pepper Bob


The key to mastering haircuts for women with thick hair is to find a look that works with your hair texture, not against it. When hair is tightly curled, it’s able to hold its shape with ease, which is why a bob can be a great choice. Be sure to brush short haircuts for women, and curly hair when it’s wet, as dry brushing can create an overly fluffy finish.

69. Hairstyle with Feathery Layers and Nape Undercut


Haircuts for women over 60 with short and tidy can be an extremely beneficial choice who are tired of the upkeep of longer locks. To maintain some coveted volume, cut stacked and feathered layers and pair these with sweet side bangs.

70. Blonde Cropped Hairstyle


The right cut looks good from all angles. You don’t see your style from the back all the time, but others do. A style that gracefully tapers towards the neck through feathered layers creates a thicker head of hair.

Contrary to popular belief, first impressions don’t often last because they happen very quickly. Haircuts for women are the first things you often notice upon meeting a person Itching to switch up your style these days? Consider a fresh haircut for women. In 2022, we’re seeing a return to retro haircuts like shags, curtain bangs, and even mullets. But if that’s a little too drastic for you, there is always the option to get a classic style that requires very little maintenance and will grow out seamlessly.

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