Ashley Tisdale Launches Frenshe, a Skin-Care, Fragrance, and Self-Care Brand at Target | Interview, Quotes

For a dose of invigoration in the morning, Awaken & Uplift coupled with Citrus Amber (sparkling lemon, orange blossom, golden musk) is your gal. Joy & Bliss, which is invoked through Solar Fleur (bergamot orpur, coconut orchid, solar peony, sandalwood oil), feels like a sunny day spent at the beach.

The “in-between” scent, as you could call it, is Balance & Harmony, which takes its physical form as Bergamot Cedar (bergamot, ginger, gardenia, vetiver, cedarwood). “I really wanted a woodsier scent because I’m a huge Big Sur fan,” she explains. “If I really need time to heal and find balance, that’s the first place I go to.”

It’s important to note that not all of the product offerings come in all five scents, which speaks to another level of curation Tisdale wanted to perfect. For example, the Body Serum Stick is only available in Bergamot Cedar and Cashmere Vanilla, where are both healing scents. But, scent aside, both sticks are infused with sodium PCA. magnesium PCA, and marine seaweed extract for moisturizing and energizing benefits, cosmetic chemist Ginger King confirms.

Being Frenshe Renewing Body Wash

Being Frenshe Nourishing Hair Mask

Being Frenshe Multi-Purpose Body & Scalp Scrub

If Tisdale makes one thing clear throughout our chat, she really believes in the power of self-care moments, no matter how short or fleeting. “The best part about this line is that it’s not about taking a moment to do a full-fledged routine, but [something like] getting into the shower and using the body wash in the morning and feeling like, ‘Oh, mood boost’ — and it was only a shower, you know?” As someone who struggles with carving out time for self-care, even with my abundance of beauty products, that hits home. 

Although, when she mentions one of “those moments” as applying hand serum while you’re in traffic, I think to myself, “Oh, LA things.” Can’t relate (thankfully), though I guess moisturizing my hands wouldn’t be too weird on public transit, given what sometimes goes down on the subway.

Being Frenshe Milky Body Lotion

Being Frenshe Soothing Body Serum Stick

Self-care, naturally, extends to the people around us. “You squeeze it in,” Tisdale says when I ask her about self-care as a mom, something I can’t fathom at this point in my life. “Something really important that my doula said to my husband was, ‘you should know her favorite things, so when she gets nervous or is getting to that point,’ he would know what would help rejuvenate me.”