How to plan a dreamy desert wedding inspired by Arabian Nights

If you want an outstanding wedding ceremony, then a strong theme accompanied by an offbeat destination is extremely vital. Our suggestion to you is to go with the flair of royal touches and bring a dash of Arabian glitz and allure by opting for the exotic magnificent elements inspired by the Arabian night theme. Think of the gleaming golden sand twisted with the combination of jewel tones, magic carpet, pillows and lanterns- wouldn’t it look quixotic? A dreamy wedding amidst the sand dunes with an extravagant mix of mysterious Arabian elements and sensuality exudes grandeur and to pull off a graceful Arabian-inspired dreamy desert wedding ceremony, we have cherry-picked some amazing décor ideas that will make all your guests go aww and wow.

  1. A deep rich colour scheme

Arabian nights all are about vivid rich and deep-hued palettes, also known as jewel tones. Jewel tones are basically the bold and sophisticated versions of regular colours that appear more extravagant and bear a resemblance to more like gemstones. Infusing your big day décor with timeless jewel stirred hues right from teal, burgundy, to gold will dazzle your venue like a pro.

A deep rich colour scheme

  1. Giant crystal candle holders to accent tables

The exquisite candle holders are the soul of Arabian culture. Not only does it looks stunning and royal but it also embraces royalty in your décor. To curate a tablescape which complements your desert Arabian-inspired wedding, you can go with sequin tablecloths accompanied by giant cup-shaped candle holders in golden tint for the impeccable and sheen lustre.

Giant crystal candle holders to accent tables

  1. Hanging lanterns for a magical affair

What is the very first thing that strikes your mind as soon as you hear the word Arabian nights? We bet you ‘it’s the lanterns.’ Bedazzle your guests with a rich range of vintage lanterns to create a luxe decor and always remember that “the more, the merrier”.  Hanging lanterns over the ceiling will create dreamy romantic vibes. You can also play up by putting the giant ones on the floor.

Hanging lanterns for a magical affair

  1. Ottomans and cushions for the cosy ambience

Do you want cosy intimate seating for your D-day? Well, ottomans and big fluffy cushions are all you need to evoke a super luxurious, elegant yet warm ambience. Go for golden, silver or match with the theme or your wedding décor. Accompany with a low square table with candles and rose petals for more starry vibes.

Ottomans and cushions for the cosy ambience

  1. Mirror lounge for the royal touch

For a more grandeur and luxurious feel, you can highlight the lounging area by creating a mirrored aisle that has some water bodies in it. This will create a majestic look and add up to the theme in a truly rich and decadent way. Satin dark-toned drapes, big prints and patterned rugs along with lavishing golden tableware are a definite add-on for an extravagant setting.

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