Hutch’s Jewelry owner Dan Hutchinson shot and killed in Oak Park

Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, known for providing some of the flashiest diamonds and chains to rappers and performers, was shot and killed in Oak Park.

FOX 2 has learned that Hutchinson, 47, was the man who was shot and killed on Greenfield Road Wednesday afternoon in a GMC Denali. The SUV was riddled with bullet holes, according to the Oak Park Public Safety Department. 

Officers performed CPR on the victim and he was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police say Hutchinson was approached by a suspect as he was leaving his place of business. The suspect fled the scene, but was apprehended shortly after the incident. 

Hutch’s Jewelry was just a mile north of where Hutchinson was killed. It’s a family-owned business that was once located in Northland Mall. Over the past 30 years, Hutch Jewelry has provided fine jewelry, chains, watches, glasses, and medallions to customers, including Rick Ross, Sada Baby, and more. 

Both Oak Park and Southfield police officers responded to the shooting on Greenfield Road between 8 and 9 Mile. Greenfield Road is the border of the two cities. 

The shooting happened in front of a closed pawn shop and the SUV the man was driving in was filled roughly a dozen bullet holes. Police are not releasing any details at this point but FOX 2 sources said a man in his 40s was killed.

A FOX 2 crew on the scene reported an SUV in the parking lot had at least 9 bullet holes on the driver’s side door. There were also about a dozen bullet casings in the street and parking lot of the pawnshop.

Felando Merriweather is CEO of the Hip-Hop Lab and one of Hutchinson’s many customers who went there for necklaces, diamond-encrusted pendants and Cartier glasses.

“Especially being from Detroit one of the things you do, when you get some money, you want to go spend it with Hutch and get you some Buffs or get you a chain, it’s important,” he said. “It’s a blow to the city and it’s from out of nowhere, too. That’s the craziest thing.

“Detroit and Hutch are like synonymous with each other. Out-of-towners get Buffs specifically from Hutch because of the rappers who made it famous in their music. It’s going to be a huge loss to the hip-hop community, too.”

Tributes have poured in online from rappers Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby, BabyTron, and Doughboyz Cashout.

Oak Park police are asking anyone with more information to contact them (248) 691-7511 or (248) 691-7513.