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Jewelry Gifting Ideas for Your Wife


Gifting a fine piece of jewelry is always preferable and recommended too for women. But this is not because the gift receiver is a woman but because gifting an jewelry item is considered more personalized and emotional than most other gifts. This is because when she receives a gift from you it speaks to her mind that you care about her and you noticed what jewelry item she likes to wear and what she hates.

Hence if you want to pay a nice homage to all her efforts in the marriage and given the current monsoon season, some jewelry ideas are suitable and some are not. Today we are here to discuss those ideas which are suitable for gifting during the current monsoon season too. These jewelry items will surely make her feel a valued member of your family and will help in maintaining a good romantic relationship.

Here they are:

1. Amethyst Pendant: Amethyst is a fine purple colored gemstone which looks truly good on women with cool to medium warm skin tone. Along with an Amethyst necklace you can also gift her a pair of Tanzanite earrings or tanzanite pendants since those two colors will really pop.

An Amethyst necklace is said to be worn by women who prefer mystic, powerful and calm gemstones. Tanzanite is a rare earth gemstone from Tanzania, Africa. So combining the two will give you an excellent,powerful and mystic jewelry design which is preferred by lots of women.

2. Emerald Necklace: If your wife is someone who likes the color green then she must like Jade Jewelry items, Emeralds, others. A Jade jewelry item like necklaces, earrings, tennis bracelets will go along good with Emeralds. This is because the Emerald green is such a color that goes best with other green colors. Hence Jade jewelry accessories are perfect to go with Emerald necklaces.

Keep this in mind when you are buying a Emerald necklace, so that you don’t do half the job. When you are giving someone something, always do a full job and give the entire set or most of the set which will go along best with it.

3. Diamond Earrings: Diamonds are a classical choice and if you are determined to go this way then do this but in your own unique way. For example- since Diamonds are mostly white hence other deep colored gemstones will look contrasting with it. You can buy your wife a nice pair of Tanzanite stud earrings with a matching pendant. Tanzanite is a rare Earth blue colored gemstone found only in one place on Earth i.e Tanzania. For evening wear, a pair of teardrop Tanzanite earrings will go perfectly, surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. The accessory can be paired with a stack of tennis bracelets or some emerald-cut diamond rings.

This will signify that you care enough about her to give her a matching set of jewelry rather than giving her only a pair of earrings.

Apart from Tanzanite you can also give her a blue Zircon tennis bracelet. A blue Zircon is the most fiery of them one and the texture of it is simply profound. So a blue Zircon tennis bracelet, a pair of Diamond studs and a Tanzanite pendant and a nice beautiful black outfit dress is the perfect recipe for a quiet romantic dinner night.

4. Chain Links: Chain links are a trendy item of jewelry which is being favored by women these days. You can get on this bandwagon and set the trend for the loved women of your life. Chain links can be had in most materials but it is the gold colored one which looks absolutely fabulous on women whose skin tone is warm to medium warm.

But do not give her just the chain links necklace, rather buy her a nice pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings and maybe other accessories so that her overall look is completed.

5. Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet: The rose gold color is a hit among the ladies especially among younger to mid aged ones. This is because the rose gold color typically is the closest to the color pink and pink is a color which is favored by most women. Rose gold is a favored metal amongst most women, due to its delicate mixture of cool and warm tones, which offers it a romantic hue. Instead of large diamonds, a custom-built Tanzanite ring in a rose gold plating can look exquisite.

So in case your wife thinks that rose gold color will be too girly then you can be rest assured that there is a high chance that she does not think so. But remember to keep the tennis bracelet in a jewelry box after usage. A good jewelry box stores our jewelry items safely and also it protects them from moisture in the air which can be damaging.

Rose gold colored tennis bracelets with white Diamond linings look awesome and can be worn to parties or other special events.

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A jewelry gift for a wife has to be something which she can connect with and relate to her and your marriage life. So carefully choose something which is significant for her and something which she can use daily or on special occasions and get reminded of her wonderful marriage.