Seven Pittsburgh shops with body care products perfect for cold temps | Winter Guide 2022 | Pittsburgh

The winter is a notorious time for cold hands, ashy legs, and chapped lips. The Pittsburgh weather landscape is also one of extremes, so it can be easy to go into the season unprepared. Before things get too bad, try this list of Pittsburgh-based companies where you can get body butters, facial skin care, and lip products.

click to enlarge Tonic and Sage products - PHOTO: MIKO DIHONIESTO

Photo: Miko DiHoniesto

Tonic and Sage products

Tonic and Sage
Hit dry, dead skin with the one-two punch of Tonic and Sage’s sugar scrubs, body butters, and oils. The sugar scrub is made with incredibly fine sugar granules, so it’s not as harsh on your skin as some other scrubs out there. Once you clear away the flakes, restore moisture with one of their body butters, or the Super Body Oyl.

click to enlarge Products by Calithea Goddess - PHOTO: LINDSEY FERRIE

Photo: Lindsey Ferrie

Products by Calithea Goddess

Calithea Goddess
All of Calithea’s products are made in Greece and contain extra virgin olive oil, which co-founder Elena Kazas says she learned from her grandmother. Grab their Olive Oil Day Cream or the Olive Oil and Donkey Milk Lotion for maximum moisture.

click to enlarge Bombash & Earley's "Glow" Body Polish

Bombash & Earley’s “Glow” Body Polish

Bombash & Earley
Established and founded in 2015, this family-owned business based in the South Hills makes vegan and cruelty free beauty products that you’re sure to fall in love with. One of the co-founders of B&E is an herbalist, and uses that knowledge to craft gentle, nourishing products. Try their Body Polish to exfoliate and then top with a Body Butter to bring a glow to your skin.


Hip Modern Soap’s Whipped Body Butter

Hip Modern Soap
Jump in a hot shower and rinse away the cold with one of Hip Modern Soap’s unique soap bars. They come in a variety of scents that go beyond your classic lavender or fresh linen. They also have a whipped body butter that comes in scents like Lemon Vanilla Sugar, Weekend Warrior, Pink Champagne, and more.

Third Day Soaps Garden
On top of having soaps and body mists, this company carries an After Shower Body Butter made with sea moss. It comes in two scents: Blue Sandalwood and Cocoa Butter Cashmere. What’s the deal with sea moss? Skin care enthusiasts say it helps your skin to retain moisture, making it the perfect ingredient for a lotion or body butter. It’s also rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin E, skin care ingredients that often result in a healthy glow.

Oui Cosmetics
Worried about the skin on your face? Worry no more, this Pittsburgh-based skin care line has you covered. With everything from cleansers to toners and serums, you can get your full skin care routine from one shop. Try their gorgeous Pomegranate Green Tea Toner and the Oil Free Moisturizer. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you don’t need your sunscreen, so try their Weightless SPF 45 as well.

Una Biologicals
Now, let’s worry about those lips. People don’t often think about it, but your lips need love too, and that includes exfoliation. Start with a light sugar scrub (the one from Tonic and Sage is great for lips as well) and lightly rub it over your lips until you can feel the dry skin start to loosen and lift. Once your lips feel less parched and more smooth, apply the Una Biologicals vegan lip balm made without beeswax.