The Best Beach Jewelry That Can Withstand the Sun, Sea, and Swims

Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, June 2005.

When you’re getting ready for a swim, you’re focused on the necessities: towel, swimsuit, and bucket hat. But, beach jewelry is not something you have to overlook. There’s no need to leave your favorite accessories at home. If you have a handful of earrings that stay in at all times or a necklace you never take off, you’ll want to make sure that they can handle a little dip in the ocean. While many jewelry brands recommend taking your jewelry off before you decide to dive into a chlorine pool or salty ocean water, there are types of jewelry better suited to time in the water than others. 

Typically, solid gold, gold-filled, platinum, or sterling silver jewelry can handle a bit more water. Be careful with plated jewelry, as plating can wear off, and what’s left underneath can tarnish over time. Brass jewelry is better to avoid mixing with water, though it can be cleaned. You also may want to consider how likely the jewelry is to stay out of the way while you take a dip. Look for clasps that fully close so as not to fall off, and both necklaces and earrings that aren’t too chunky to get knocked or pulled off by your moves. You may remember the time that Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earring in the ocean — don’t let that be you. Since some of our most durable recommendations can be on the pricier side, you’ll want to consider if you’re comfortable wearing them in the water, should they potentially fall off — it’s hard to predict when a rogue wave might sweep you off of your feet.

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