The Best Jewelry Cleaner of 2023

How you use jewelry cleaner will depend on the type you’re using. With liquid cleaners, for instance, it’s all about portion control. For one necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, one to two drops in a shallow dish of water works well. (Note that for some store-bought cleaners, you won’t have to add water at all.) Soak the jewelry for 15 minutes, unless the piece is particularly delicate—it is not recommended to soak fragile pieces of jewelry. After, gently scrub with a soft and clean baby toothbrush and rinse. We recommend you read the individual instructions for each cleaner to make sure you’re taking the right steps. 

If you’re working with an ultrasonic cleaner, by contrast, each machine will have its own separate set of instructions. The cleaning and rinsing solutions you get for your machines are essential: They must be compatible with the cleaning device so that they don’t react negatively. Generally speaking, you’ll insert the recommended amount of water and cleaning solution to the machine, wait for it to heat up and place your jewelry in the tray. From there, leave it in the mixture for about three to five minutes. Using a set of tweezers (to avoid burning your fingers), take the items out and pat or air dry.

If you’re taking the steamer route, you already know there will be very hot levels of water involved. It is generally recommended you use the tweezers (never your hands!) to hold the jewelry pieces up to the steam for a few minutes and then buff out your pieces with a soft cloth afterwards. However, we recommend that you read the specific instructions on each steam machine, as they may differ.