The Smart Lab: 6 Holiday Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your jewelry sales this holiday season.

According to Campaign Monitor, email accounts for roughly $44 in new sales for every $1 spent, giving you a massive return on investment.

It’s also data-driven with a flexibility that allows you to adapt and modify your strategy as needed. You can tailor your marketing approach until you get the results desired.

With inflation running at a record high and some consumers more cautious about spending, email marketing is absolutely essential to succeed this holiday season.

Here are six strategies you can use today to employ email marketing to grow your jewelry sales.

1. Segment your customer base.
Audience segmentation is one of the quickest ways to improve your email marketing.

Think about it.

Sending emails to people who are no longer interested in what you’re offering is a waste of time and resources. 

Filter out uninterested people and refine your audience to include only your best prospects. Save money by pruning your list on a monthly basis, removing everyone who hasn’t opened an email or clicked recently.

Other ways to segment your audience include: by type of jewelry, by purchase frequency, or by order amount. These are three easy groups to start with.

2. Offer promotions.
With the economy tightening, people are always looking for a good deal. Everyone wants to save money.  

Use promotions such as buy-one, get-one-free offers, student discounts, coupons, and more.  

Something as simple as offering free shipping with orders totaling more than a certain amount is a good way to improve your email effectiveness and increase your holiday sales.  

Customers are known to add more items to their cart just to get free shipping.

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3. Improve your email subject lines.
Your email subject line is the first thing people know about your message. Make yours stand out. 

The goal is to grab attention and get opened, but also to stay out of the spam filters.  You don’t want to get blocked and make your next email your last.

To get noticed, think like your customer. What would entice them to open your email instead of someone else? 

Using a fun holiday subject line will separate you from others. It tells people your email is relevant and timely for the season

4. Create a sense of urgency.
Many people procrastinate, especially when making large purchases, like fine jewelry. To get your customers to act, you need to create a sense of urgency.  

Here are some ways you can incentivize your customers to make quicker purchase decisions: add a countdown timer to your checkout page, generate impulse buys with one-day only sales, or use limited-quantity deals where once a jewelry style sells out, it’s gone forever.  

Urgency is a powerful motivator.