How to Clean Your Natural Diamond Jewelry

Everyone loves that “new car smell,” whether it’s an actual car, a brand new phone—or even natural diamond jewelry. After all, when something is precious to you, you usually want it to look brand new forever. The reality is that over time, our own skin oils and outside elements can dull the sparkle of your treasured diamond jewelry. But no worries: natural diamond jewelry can easily be cleaned so it looks like you very first wear of it. We’ve got tips and tricks to keep all of your natural diamond jewelry collection looking its best in the safest and easiest way.

Home-Based Cleaners and Tools

1.The simplest way to clean your diamond jewelry is to soak the pieces in warm water mixed with an ordinary de-greasing solution like dish soap. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach or toothpaste, which can erode precious metals over time. 

2. If you are doing this over a sink, make sure the drain is blocked so nothing can fall in.

3. To remove any remaining dirt, scrub with a soft-bristled, clean/new toothbrush, reserved only for cleaning your diamond jewelry.

4. Remember to clean the back of the diamond and the crevices, which attract the most oil and grime.

how to clean diamond jewelry

5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water until all of the soap is gone.

how to clean diamond jewelry

6. Dry with a paper towel, letting sit if necessary to dry completely.

how to clean diamond jewelry

7. Some jewelry may get dirtier more often than others, so repeat cleaning when you feel a piece isn’t sparkling the way it should. This could be weekly or monthly.

how to clean diamond jewelry

Using a Jewelry Ultrasonic or Steam Cleaner at Home to Clean Your Diamond Collection

You can purchase an ultrasonic and or steam cleaner made for at-home use at many major online retailers. These cleaners are the home version of what the professionals use, and it is the at-home way to get your jewelry the cleanest it can be.

  1. Mix the correct amount (manufacturer specifications usually note to use about one part cleaner to two parts water) of ultrasonic cleaning solution with water in the reservoir. If you do not have ultrasonic cleaning solution, you can also use multi-purpose at-home cleaners that do not contain bleach, acid or ammonia (i.e., Mr. Clean or Mean Green).
how to clean diamond jewelry
how to clean diamond jewelry

2. Turn on the machine. You will hear it working as the ultrasonic waves bounce around inside.

how to clean diamond jewelry

3. Add your diamond jewelry to the reservoir while it is on. The ultrasonic waves will knock loose dirt and grime in all hard-to-get areas. Please note that while natural diamond jewelry will not be damaged in these machines, other gemstones may be more fragile. Please consult your jeweler if you are not sure.

how to clean diamond jewelry

4. You can leave your jewelry in the machine for up to 30 min while it cleans. Feel free to swish the jewelry around inside the cleaner while holding it with tweezers in order to loosen stuck-on dirt. Please note to only use jewelry tweezers that have rubber-coated tips, so you do not scratch the metal.

how to clean diamond jewelry

5. After it has been in the cleaner for enough time, remove it with tweezers and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

how to clean diamond jewelry

6. Optional step: If you also have a jewelry steam cleaner, fill it with plain water, turn it on and allow it to heat up according to manufacturer directions. Hold the jewelry tightly with rubber-tipped tweezers and put it under the steam nozzle.

how to clean diamond jewelry

7. Optional step: While under the nozzle, press the steam button and steam the whole piece of jewelry, moving around to get steam in every area. Be careful; it’s hot.

how to clean diamond jewelry

8. Dry with a paper towel, letting sit if necessary to dry completely.

how to clean diamond jewelry

9. Repeat as often as you like.

We advise you to proceed cautiously and consult a jeweler before you do this for the first time, as thorough cleaning can prompt loose stones to fall out or damage stones that are not natural diamonds or that have had non-natural treatments.

How to Store Your Diamond Jewelry

Natural diamonds are one of the oldest and the hardest things on our planet. Due to their hardness, natural diamonds can damage other metals, gemstones and even other diamonds. It is important to properly store them to keep this from happening.

  • We recommend that once you take off your favorite pieces of diamond jewelry, they are better stored separately from other pieces of jewelry so they are not touching.
  • Storing your natural diamonds in their boxes or storing them in soft cloth pouches can protect them from any damage.
  • Make sure you store your jewelry box in a cool, dry and secure place, as moisture in the air could tarnish some metals.
  • To protect your diamonds and give you peace of mind, you can also have them insured against theft, damage or loss. Most insurance companies offer separate insurance policies or additions to current insurance for natural diamond jewelry. Please note that you will need to submit appraisals for each piece in order to be covered. If you do not have an appraisal, your local jeweler can help.

Other Tips to Keep Your Diamond Sparkling

  • Avoid thick lotions and creams that can result in residue build-up.
  • Avoid wearing your rings when you indulge in any labor-intensive activities such as sports, gardening or swimming. This will help to keep the diamond secure in its setting.
  • It is best to remove your jewelry while cooking, as food and other oils can also cause buildup.
  • Perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, detergents and bleach used in everyday life contain harsh abrasive solutions that can erode or dull the metal in your jewelry. Although they will not hurt the diamond, it is important to also keep the metal intact, so your diamonds stay in place.
  • We highly recommend that you take your diamond jewelry to a reputable jeweler for periodic professional cleaning once every six months to a year to ensure all is well. The jeweler can examine the setting and check your jewelry for any weakness, trauma, or loose prongs. When you catch these issues early, they can be fixed before anything major occurs.

These wonders of nature are meant to be worn, but exercising a little caution goes a long way. Regular cleaning can restore the sparkle, and occasional checkups at the jeweler will ensure your prized natural diamonds are around for generations to come.