Oui the People’s First-of-Its-Kind Melting Body Balm Revived My Parched, Winter Skin

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Get through the cold-weather seasons with this softening, toning, and hydrating formula.

<p>Oui the People</p>

I’ve always taken joy in my skincare routine, but I only got serious about body care after turning 30. My skin had become rough and was begging for moisture, but I was also concerned with keeping it firm. A simple lotion would no longer cut it—I wanted something with hyaluronic acid and retinol to integrate with my current skincare regimen.

Oui the People is a BIPOC-woman-owned brand that reimagined the shaving experience with its Instagrammable single-blade razors. It has evolved into developing seriously good personal care products devoted to sensitive skin types. The brand recently launched its long-awaited, first-of-its-kind Melting Body Balm, and I had the opportunity to try it ahead of time.

<p>Oui the People</p>

To buy: $95; ouithepeople.com.

The plant-based retinol alternative derived from sea fennel extract to boost collagen and stimulate cellular turnover is what makes this body balm so unique. Infused with adaptogenic mushroom and shea nilotica to soothe dry, irritated areas and sunflower seed wax to hydrate, this fortifying emollient leaves a luminous, non-greasy finish while deeply moisturizing and boosting elasticity. You get 3 ounces in a thoughtfully designed glass jar (which I’ve already dropped several times without breaking). It also fits in my makeup bag better than my other bulky balms and lotions.


While the balm initially had a grainy texture, the warmth of my skin melted the formula, allowing me to smooth it over my limbs—and because it’s so rich, a little goes a long way. My only wish would have been to have received a spatula with the balm, so I wouldn’t have to stick my fingers directly into the jar, but luckily I had plenty on hand from all of my previous product testing.

I prefer to use it as a targeted treatment on my elbows, knees, and thighs, but it can certainly be used as an all-over balm—either way, it delivers healthy-looking, supple results. Since I have very dry skin, I use the balm straight out of the shower, as advised by the brand. In about ten minutes, my skin absorbs the formula, feeling softened and nourished exactly where I need it.

Oui the People’s Melting Body Balm is a decadent, multi-tasking addition to any personal care routine that’s crafted by a brand that specializes in elevating the body care experience, helping you feel good in the skin you’re in. You can order the balm for $95 right now.

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