The Best Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

To make sure you get the best gift possible for your friends and family, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for presents based on their zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is so unique, and they deserve holiday gifts that are just as special as they are—social Geminis and Libras want something different from homebody Tauruses and Cancers, who also want something different from on-the-go Aries and Sagittariuses. You don’t have to search all over the internet to figure out what to get for everyone in your life, though, because we found gift ideas for every zodiac sign, from slippers to candles to jewelry.


Aries are bold, competitive, and active. Whether the Aries in your life loves to exercise and play sports or they’re always standing out from the crowd, they’ll love bright colors, fun patterns, and presents that they can use for their active lifestyle.


Active and athletic Aries need a cool water bottle like this one for their workouts to stay hydrated.

Dagne Dover

This belt bag is the perfect hands-free style for Aries who are always on the go.

Melt Cosmetics

Never afraid of bold colors, Aries will wear every one of these bright eye shadow colors.


Claw clips will keep Aries’ hair off their face so their flyaways don’t slow them down. After testing multiple different clips, this specific style is an Everygirl-approved winner.


Tauruses are hard workers, but they’re also homebodies who need a lot of relaxation. Gifts that will help them take their self-care to the next level are perfect for Tauruses.


Tauruses love to chill, so they need an extra comfy pillow to help them have their best nap ever. This one’s also stress-relieving and stylish—what could be better?


Nothing is comfier than Ugg slippers like these ones. Plus, they’re cute enough to wear outside, so Taurus can just slip them on to run errands while staying cozy.


Comfy and luxurious are two words that scream Taurus, and this ultra-soft pajama set meets both of those criteria.


Tauruses can slather on this face mask while they’re bingeing their favorite show.


The ideal present for a Gemini is something that allows them to flex their wide range of knowledge and gift for communicating. Geminis are represented by the twins, meaning they have multiple sides to them, so they’ll also love items with more than one use.

Bezier Games

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis excel in communication. One Night Werewolf is a game that requires a group to communicate and scheme in order to win, and it’s our Gemini Managing Editor’s all-time favorite.

Urban Outfitters

Geminis’ minds are always going a mile a minute, so to help them organize their thoughts, get them this embroidered Gemini journal.


This colorblocked hat will match every one of Gemini’s personalities.

New York Times

These New York Times mini crosswords will really test Gemini’s brain.


Cancers are nurturing and enjoy taking care of others, and they’ll love presents that they can use while hosting or that will make their house comfy for guests. They’re highly emotional and intuitive, too, so lean into that when picking out their gifts.


This candle will make a Cancer’s home smell welcoming and comfortable for guests or for curling up with a book on a rainy day.

Moon Magic

The Cancers in your life will go crazy for this moonstone ring, since they’re ruled by the moon.


Cancers have a lot of feelings, so this journal will get plenty of use and help them process their emotions.


This ocean and sea salt scented diffuser will make Cancers feel at home—after all, they are a water sign and represented by the crab.


Leos always want to be the star of the show, so make sure you choose gifts for them that help them achieve that, like crazy patterns, bold colors, and sparkles.


Leos are always trying to stand out, and this orange purse will definitely catch anyone’s eye (and the furry fabric looks like a lion mane).

It’s An Aesthetic | Etsy

The only thing Leos love more than themselves is letting others know they’re a Leo. They’ll love this Leo sweatshirt with retro vibes.


Leos will die for this monogram necklace. Along with their initials, they’ll love accordion pattern that makes this necklace stand out.


Leos are known for their mane, and this hair treatment kit will help them keep their hair shiny and healthy.


Smart, practical, and organized, Virgos like gifts that are functional and serve a purpose, like books and organizers.

Michelle Obama

Virgos enjoy learning and reading, so a book is a perfect present for them. They’re also prone to overthinking, and this book provides advice and tools to deal with uncertainty.


Virgos hate messes, so they’ll be able to make good use of this purse insert that will keep their wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, and anything else they need organized.

Day Designer x The Everygirl

This cute and useful planner will help Virgos plan out everything they need to do for the upcoming year.


Along with overthinking, Virgos tend to easily get stressed, so buy them these CBD rollers that will help them stay both calm and energized.


Libras enjoy things that are artistic, romantic, and aesthetically pleasing, from fashion to decor to makeup.

Maison Margiela

Perfume is a perfect gift for Libras who are flirty and fun. Plus, Libras are indecisive, so they’ll be able to switch up their perfume on a daily basis and don’t have to pick just one.


Libras have an appreciation for anything beautiful and romantic, so they’ll love this pink multicolored tennis necklace.

Rare Beauty

Libras will be obsessed with this viral Rare Beauty liquid blush that they can wear every day or for dressier events.


Libras will have so much fun with this card game that includes works from famous artists like Monet, Degas, and Kahlo.


Scorpios are mysterious and uber private, so they enjoy items that help maintain their personal space and give them alone time.


Scorpios prefer to be incognito, and these oversized, dark sunglasses will help them maintain their air of mystery.


Scorpios typically can’t be bothered to make small talk with strangers, so these noise canceling headphones will help them get some alone time.


Scorpios are into mysticism and spiritualism, and they can use this candle for their manifestations.


Secretive Scorpios can write down all their deepest thoughts in this locked diary.


Sagittariuses love to travel, and they’re one of the most social zodiac signs. They appreciate gifts that they can use while traveling or spending time with friends. Sagittariuses like presents that can teach them new things, too.


Sagittariuses are always exploring new places, so gift them this set of packing cubes for their suitcase. These will also help a chaotic Sag keep their stuff organized.


Sagittariuses are one of the most extroverted signs of the zodiac, so give them these fun, colorful wine glasses they can use when entertaining friends.

Abercrombie & Fitch

You may not be able to buy the Sag in your life a trip to London, but you can give them this cute sweatshirt embroidered with “London” (or Paris, Los Angeles, or New York).

Uncommon Goods

Hygge is all about evoking feelings of comfort and togetherness. This trivia game perfectly combines two things Sagittarius’ love: spending time with friends and learning new things.


Capricorns are ambitious and almost always working, so give the Caps in your life things they can use for work. Avoid trendy things for Capricorns, since they’re typically more traditional.


This laptop case will keep workaholic Capricorns’ computers safe when traveling to and from the office. Bonus: it doubles as an ergonomic stand for working on the go.


Capricorns tend to stay away from trends and prefer more classic styles, like this delicate chain necklace.


This functional tote bag is perfect for Capricorns to use for work, errands, or traveling, and the classic style will last a long time.

Herbivore Botanicals

Since Capricorns are always working (or thinking about work), give them these soothing bath salts to help them relax.


Aquarians are independent, intellectual, and unique, so their gifts should follow suit—items that everyone doesn’t have and things that will allow them to use their brain.


Never one to follow what everyone else is doing, get the Aquarians in your life a unique piece of jewelry like this colorful beaded necklace.

Cain’s Jawbone

Trying to solve this puzzle book will satisfy Aquarians’ desire to think and learn.

Sanctuary x Little Words Project

This zodiac beaded bracelet will let everyone know they’re an individualistic Aquarius.

Chuck Taylor

These sneakers are a combo of trendy and funky, which is perfect for an Aquarius.


Pisces are creative, sensitive, and practically psychic. Anything “woo-woo” would be an ideal present for them.

Maria Trolle

This adult coloring book will provide a creative outlet for artistic Pisces. The theme of this book is magic and fairy tales, which is also ideal for Pisces.


Pisces are into all things mystical, so they’ll love this aura bracelet made with crystals.

Lisa Sterle

If anyone can learn how to read Tarot cards, it’s a Pisces. This deck combines traditional symbols with diverse images and modern fashion.

Hey Harper

If anyone is into astrology, it’ll be your Pisces friend, and they’ll definitely appreciate this necklace.